Generational Wealth Planning for Families with Mineral Rights

Families who own mineral rights, and those who receive royalties for leasing the rights to the oil, natural gas and minerals beneath the surface of their properties, face a unique set of liabilities. We specialize in serving families who wish to protect this mineral wealth as an endowment for generations to come.

Regardless of the size of your property or mineral interest, having a proper estate plan in place is a crucial piece of generational wealth planning. Income and estate taxation strategies can have a large impact on the legacy you leave behind. We offer many services catered to our mineral-rich clients.

Services for Families with Mineral Rights

  • Income strategies: bonuses, per-acre fees and royalties
  • Wealth stabilization strategies
  • Cash flow and liquidity solutions
  • Wills, trusts and asset distribution strategies
  • Taxation strategies
  • Charitable opportunities