Welcome to the Generations Wealth Advisors Family

Generations Wealth Advisors is a family owned and operated firm that provides independent financial consulting to goal-oriented individuals who desire to leave a family legacy. Our generational wealth planning process helps families respect and communicate traditions across generations while embracing change and taking unified action.

Our clients represent a range of life experiences. They include first, second and third generation business owners. Some are farmers and ranchers and land owners with minerals rights. Others are successful executives and professionals who worked their way up to positions of great responsibility.

As a result of this diversity, each advisory relationship we establish is unique. Every client brings a different story to the table. They depend on us to understand their situations and visions for the future. They task us with helping them preserve their wealth in accordance with their values.

Our client relationships span generations. Caring for those relationships will always be our first priority. We have built our process around delivering on that promise. Generational wealth planning focuses on keeping families together by helping to clarify shared goals that will carry forward a lasting legacy.