Our Process

Generations Wealth Advisors delivers customized financial solutions using a client-centered process called generational wealth planning. Generational wealth planning goes beyond a simple broker or advisory relationship. It is a long-term partnership based on a shared commitment to family goals.

Our partnerships rely on a strong level of mutual trust, as well as clear and honest communication. Generational wealth planning can only be successful with clients who feel welcome to openly share their financial situations, concerns and objectives. We work to earn this trust by exceeding expectations.

Generational wealth planning emphasizes implementation with design. Our job does not end when the plan is drawn up. We are also responsible for advising clients to take action. This erational Wealth Planning Process?

Generational wealth planning is a multistep process designed to help families protect their wealth by minimizing exposure to excessive taxation and unexpected creditors. Our goal is to help clients keep what they have and carry forward success by transferring assets to future generations as they see fit.

During our initial meeting, we discuss goals, concerns and objectives. We also establish the scope of our advisory partnership: What does the client need? What tasks will be delegated? What communication is expected? Answers to these questions allow us to calibrate the process around client expectations.

During discovery, we gather facts and the client delivers documentation that provides the data we need to create a full picture of the family's financial situation. We continue the discussion started during our initial meeting, taking a deep dive into family dynamics and the concerns that keep them up at night.

Discovery leads to the plan design phase, wherein we make specific recommendations based on fact finding and analysis. These recommendations are integrated into the framework of a generational wealth plan, presented to the client for review. Once the client approves the plan, it's time for action.

Implementation begins by establishing working relationships with members of the client's advisory team, getting buy-in from CPAs, legal counsel and other key professionals who will play important roles in plan execution. We move forward with implementing recommendations as a coordinated team.

We regularly monitor and report on the plan's progress, making adjustments as necessary to maintain alignment with the client's goals. We continue to develop our relationship with the client, the family and the advisory team over time through consistent communication and meaningful interaction.